A local vacation rental company provides an upscale experience


By Holly Tishfield

A little over a year ago, Randall and Karina Coryell began the effort to open a unique vacation rental business, Azule Vacation Rentals.

The Coryells, both residents of Ponte Vedra, have extensive experience in property and hotel management. They felt that the vacation rental and hospitality industry lacked a more relevant and efficient approach to property management, so they sat down and devised a solution.

Part of what sets Azule Vacation Rentals apart from other management companies is their attention to detail and hands-on involvement in the entire process. They use custom built-in technology to ensure every stay is smooth and memorable.

When an owner uses Azule to list their home as a vacation rental, the Coryells take care of the marketing, tracking and accountability of the property. They entrust selected craftsmen and other employees to maintain comprehensive management and maintenance for electrical, plumbing, HVAC and other potential issues. Azule keeps clients constantly updated on their property by providing monthly reports to track their success. The personal dashboard feature on their website allows owners to stay up to date on bookings, blackout dates and the property’s financial overview.

For travelers, Azule customizes each vacation property to meet the needs of specific travelers. Their quality is standard, which means that upon check-in, the properties are impeccable. They offer the service, amenities and convenience of a hotel with the personality and value of a home. Azule includes personalized services from a team of hospitality experts, including the Coryells themselves, to help travelers find local attractions and secure restaurant reservations.

Currently, Azule manages around 10-15 properties in the beaches / intercoastal area of ​​North Florida, and while they plan to add more properties, they plan to keep their business on the small side.

“Our goal is to stay boutique,” ​​said Randall Coryell. “We are uniquely qualified to do what we do. “

Since the Coryells have been involved in the community throughout their years of property management, Azule Vacation Rentals has been able to grow rapidly and organically. The Coryells remain intimately involved in the planning and organization of Azule properties, unlike other large vacation rental companies.

To learn more about Azule Vacation Rentals, or to view their available properties, visit azulevacation.com.


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