Amazon shoppers love this fruit-infused water bottle

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Drinking enough water a day to meet the recommended amounts for adults is much more difficult than just sipping on a glass or two. Chances are you fall into the category of most of us (meaning at least slightly parched) and know you should drink more. Setting reminders on our phones or just keeping H2O in the fridge is a start, but if you’re not particularly fond of the taste of water or find it appealing enough to want to drink, this goal seems even more unattainable. Fortunately, more than 5,100 Amazon buyers found a “fabulous” way to not only drink more water, but also enjoy it.

the Bottle of Brimma Fruit Infused Water seems, at first glance, like any other portable water bottle. What makes this one special is the large removable infuser that you can use to fill with fruit to make healthy flavored water. All you have to do is unscrew the infuser, fill the bottle just over halfway with water, add the fruits, vegetables or herbs you want to the infuser, put it back in the bottle, shake and enjoy. The brand adds that the longer your infused water has to sit, the better it will taste, so refilling this bottle could easily become part of your nightly routine to set you up for success the next morning.

The bottle, which holds just under a liter of water, is made of durable, BPA-free plastic with a non-slip handle and leak-proof cap. The brand claims it fits easily in most car cup holders and weighs around two pounds, so it’s light enough to take with you on a long walk or to the gym.

The Brimma usually sells on Amazon for $24, but there’s currently a coupon available on the product page that drops the price by 35% to under $16. Even though it’s affordable, Amazon shoppers point out that it’s far from cheaply made. A reviewer wrote that the lid is “not only leak proof, but also locks”, ensuring that all your water stays inside the bottle. Another customer added that the bottle is “extremely easy to use” and “a breeze” to clean. This same customer wrote that he was “drinking more water than ever in my life”, thanks to this ingenious invention.

Start making naturally flavored water you’ll really look forward to drinking by ordering the Bottle of Brimma Fruit Infused Water today. Just be sure to click the coupon box before adding it to your cart for 35% off.

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