Conservative Conference: Party selling dinners with ministers for £ 4,000

THE Conservative Party is auctioning dinner dates with senior Cabinet members for £ 4,000, it has emerged.

Emails, seen by the Daily Mirror, show that party donors were given the opportunity to dine with ministers at the CEO’s Dinner, which takes place in Manchester during the Tory Conference.

Tickets for the event start from £ 400, but a “table of 10 plus a senior minister” is on sale to donors for £ 4,000.

The email reads: “If you want to go ahead, I can invoice and send you further details – a handout will be distributed where you can indicate your preference of Senior Minister to host your table.” . ”

Labor and the SNP say the revelations are further proof of the Conservatives’ “sordid” status.

SNP deputy leader in Westminster, Kirsten Oswald, described the report as “the latest in a long list of examples of money for access dominating this broken Tory government”.

Kirsten Oswald, SNP deputy head in Westminster

She added: ‘Whether it’s handing out lucrative Covid contracts to friends and contacts, stuffing the House of Lords with cronies, giving a Tory donor a peerage and appointing him to the Scottish office, or money for access, it is obvious that this Conservative government is entirely motivated by cronyism, self-interest and sordidness.

“The Conservatives must be clear about which government ministers will be around these tables and what will be discussed.

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“Westminster is beyond repair. The only way to properly protect our interests is to become an independent country. ”

According to the Mirror, donors are being asked to select a shortlist of five top Tory ministers they would like to sit with on the business day.

The party said “choices cannot be guaranteed, but we will always do our best to adapt.”

The National: Anneliese Dodds of Labor also condemned the Conservative Party Anneliese Dodds of Labor also condemned the Conservative Party

Labor President Anneliese Dodds commented: “This is another scandalous example of the money for access to culture at the top of the Conservative Party.

“We need to know which donors are paying the most money for this privilege, which high-ranking ministers will be sitting with them and what they intend to discuss.

“There cannot be one rule for high conservatives and another rule for everyone. ”

A spokesperson for the Conservative Party said: “This event is an important opportunity to engage directly with business and highlight how we continue to support businesses and businesses as we recover from the pandemic stronger.

“All political parties organize trade events at their conferences, and we have held such events at our conference for decades. ”

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