Corp. Completes 24/7 Water Supply Project at Jayaram Nagar

J. Manoharan, resident of Telugupalayam Jayaram Nagar, used to leave the drinking water pipe open so that his sump would fill up as the Coimbatore Corporation provided water.

His neighbor K. Srinivasan used to fill his sump first, then use a motor to pump water to the overhead tank.

This all changed in the region in the last month or so after the Company completed the 24/7 potable water supply project in the locality, which has 6,296 people living in over 600 homes and apartments.

Mr. Manoharan says he leaves the pipe open longer because the Company provides water 24 hours a day. He opens the pipeline to fill his sump, uses the water and after a few days reopens the pipeline to fill the tank. sump.

Mr Srinivasan says he has stopped using a motor to pump water into the second-stage tank because the pressure at which the civic body supplies water is good enough to reach the height. And since the use of the motor is no longer necessary, it no longer has to worry about power outages or shutdown.

This change was made possible by the Company’s replacement of a pipeline of more than 20 km in the region as part of the 24/7 drinking water supply system, which Suez India Pvt. Ltd. executed.

The civic organization is implementing the program in 60 neighborhoods covering the old town.

The company chose Jayaram Nagar to implement the project first because its study showed the need to replace all water supply pipes, directly from the local distribution tank in the area. The Company replaced the pipeline for more than 20 km, all 623 service connecting pipes to the house and repaired new water meters with improved accuracy to record consumption.

As a result of the change, residents of Jayaram Nagar began to have water around the clock, according to the sources. The company previously supplied once every 10 to 12 days in the summer and once a week during the monsoon for about six hours.

Now, since residents get water as and when they want, they no longer have to keep the hose open. Or they don’t have to open the hose when the Company is providing water. All residents opening the hose at once were the reason for the lack of adequate pressure in the water supply system.

As the company has eliminated this and has started providing water on demand, it is able to deliver water with adequate pressure, the sources add.

The company’s next step in Jayaram Nagar is to complete work for another 600 residents in a nearby locality so that all residents who get water from Jayaram Nagar reservoir come under the 24/7 program, a indicated the source.

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