Council moves outdoor water rule rollout one day a week earlier, to September – Pasadena Now

The City Council on Monday authorized Pasadena Water and Power’s request to increase a one-day-a-week outdoor watering schedule from Nov. 1 to Sept. 1 as California faces unprecedented drought conditions that s worsen.

Since September, residents with even addresses can only water outdoors on Mondays, while residents with odd addresses can water every Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Pasadena seems unlikely to heed Monday’s call from the Metropolitan Water District for a 15-day total suspension of outdoor watering between Sept. 6 and Sept. 20 so MWD can fix a pipeline to ‘feed.

Authorities discovered a leak in the 36-mile Upper Feeder pipeline, which carries water from the Colorado River to Southern California, earlier this year. The pipeline was operating at a reduced capacity after a temporary repair while officials devised a more permanent solution.

PWP called MWD’s request “voluntary”.

Pasadena would accelerate its move to one day a week from Nov. 1 to Sept. 1 “to help Metropolitan” and to “increase retention numbers,” PWP acting chief executive Jeffrey Kightlinger said.

The affected pipeline carries water from the Colorado River to MWD’s Weymouth Water Treatment Plant, which serves Pasadena and other downstream agencies.

“During this two-week shutdown period, Metropolitan will not be disrupting deliveries to Pasadena. What will happen is that they will have to switch to a more limited source of supply – from Colorado River supplies to supplies from the State Water Project, which are even more limited,” said Stacie Takeguchi of PWP. “It’s even more important for us to save water during this time, which is why we’re trying this call for action during this period, but physically we will not be limited until we are cut off from Metropolitan supply during this period. . ”

All city council members voted in favor of PWP’s proposal, with the exception of council member Tyron Hampton, who advocated for the implementation of a Tier 4 water shortage plan under the Pasadena city code during the two week shutdown of the MWD upper feeder pipeline repair.

Since August 2021, Pasadena has implemented conservation actions under the Tier 2 Water Scarcity Plan to establish a voluntary 15% water reduction goal, which aligns with the water reduction goal. the state.

The plan limits outdoor watering to two days a week from April through October and one day a week from November through March.

City Council also approved the PWP’s recommendation to implement an additional water conservation measure “allowing enforcement of the state’s emergency drought conservation regulations, including the recent state emergency prohibiting the irrigation of non-functioning turf with potable water at commercial, industrial and institutional sites.”

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