Crane County rancher worried about water after well blowout

CRANE COUNTY, Texas (KOSA) – A Crane County rancher who discovered an abandoned well was leaking salt water earlier this year now says it could be facing an underground eruption.

In June, CBS7 spoke with Ashley Watts, the owner of Antina Cattle Ranch, who found a once-abandoned Chevron well that had become unplugged, spraying salt water on the surface of the ranch.

Now Watts says his engineering team has found an eruption thousands of feet underground.

The Antina Ranch spans 22,000 acres. Watts thinks the rash could affect more than just his property.

“My biggest concern is still the water here in West Texas. We have good aquifers, but they are not huge and they are shallow. Whether it rises from the surface and descends like the last time, or whether it extends directly into the aquifer basement as it seems to be doing now. If we don’t have water, we have nothing. You can’t do anything here without water, ”Watts said.

Watts and his team of engineers are still working to find out where the salt water is being injected from and the extent of the problem.

A Chevron representative said the company is committed to repairing the well and that “any claim linking underground activity to the surface leak at Estes 24 is premature and unfounded.”

A full version of Chevron can be found below:

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