Don’t be caught off guard when an emergency strikes, be prepared for the unexpected, advises SAWS

Are you ready for winter?

Cooler temperatures have already prepared us for our winter in Texas, and perhaps the best way to prepare for an emergency is to anticipate it – now.

The San Antonio Water Supply System (SAWS) provided advice on how to prepare for a possible winter water supply emergency.

1) Turn off your water.

Know how to shut off the water supply to your home in an emergency or when you go on vacation. It can help you avoid water damage caused by leaking pipes, dripping water heaters, frozen pipes or other causes.

2) Know your pipes.

Protecting, maintaining and repairing the pipes on your property can help you avoid damage from leaks. and save you money on your water bill.

3) Know what a boil water advisory means.

In an emergency, the water pressure may drop in your area or test results may show that the water is not drinkable. When a boil water advisory is issued and you must use tap water, you must boil the water before drinking, preparing beverages, preparing food, brushing your teeth, or washing your teeth. make ice cream.

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4) In case of water failure, know how to flush the toilet.

If you don’t have a water service in your house and the toilet tank is empty, you can use not-so-soft water to do the job – from a swimming pool, a bathtub, even melted snow. After all, everything goes in the toilet anyway.

5) In freezing weather, be prepared for discounts.

Before winter arrives, check for leaks and learn how to protect your pipes with the help of a licensed plumber. SAWS will help you offset the cost with a $ 75 credit on your bill. This offer ends on December 20, 2021.

To find out more, visit where you can find tools and information to help you prepare for all kinds of water-related emergencies. Plus, you’ll find tips on water emergencies and how-to videos from SAWS.

Watch the SA Live segment above to see how SAWS adjusted after the winter storm in Texas last February.

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