East Bay Municipal Utility District

A project to diversify EBMUD’s water supply while protecting an over-exploited groundwater basin takes root in California’s Central Valley. An underground water bank beneath rich farmland marks our latest investment in a sustainable water future, and it is about to produce its first drawdown.

DREAM – short for Demonstration Recharge, Extraction and Aquifer Management – ​​is a unique urban-agricultural partnership aimed at developing new supplies during local water shortages. The pilot project allows farmers in San Joaquin County to irrigate crops with EBMUD water diverted from the Mokelumne River instead of pumping groundwater from the area’s depleted aquifer. In exchange, the EBMUD accumulates water in the sub-basin to withdraw it in dry years. This fall, we will perform our first test to bring previously stored water to East Bay via our aqueducts.

The melting snow that feeds the Mokelumne remains our main source of water as it has for nearly a century. But with climate change and multi-year droughts posing ever greater challenges, EBMUD is planning far in advance for our region’s water needs – currently up to 2050 – and has defined actions to manage uncertainties. Our diverse water supply portfolio makes the most of our region’s resources.

We are proud of EBMUD’s history of providing reliable water service, but our eyes are always on the future. Learn more about ebmud.com/watersupply.

Acting against water shortages

Water purchases and transfers
We purchase additional water from the federal government and water agencies and draw it from the Sacramento River

We reuse water for industrial and irrigation purposes

Leak detection and repair
Innovative techniques reduce water loss and prioritize pipe repairs

Underground water bank
Our DREAM pilot project is testing groundwater storage for use in dry years

Water conservation
Incentive programs help customers save valuable supplies

Strategic partnerships
We are a regional partner evaluating storage expansion in the Los Vaqueros Reservoir

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