Entrepreneur at heart, Jim Franco

Jim Franco, CEO of Autologue Computer Systems, knew from a young age that he wanted more out of life. He entered the workforce at age 11, making money mowing lawns, washing windows and delivering newspapers.

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In episode 4 of the AMN Drivetime podcast with Bill Babcox, Franco explains how his early start in the workforce allowed him to pay cash for his very first car at the age of 15 – a hot rod that needed of work. “I could hear the engine running but I couldn’t drive it,” Franco says happily in the podcast.

After replacing the clutch three times before it was roadworthy, Franco said it was the start of his love affair with cars. His new love affair with cars eventually led him to the auto parts business as a parts store owner, where he enjoyed tremendous success before selling his stores and founding Autologue Computer Systems in 1985.

Franco attributes much of his success in the industry to his parents and other role models who have helped him get to where he is today as the head of one of the market’s leading software companies. secondary. In the podcast, Jim also talks about three important learning experiences in his career, which focused on customer service, team management and marketing, and how he incorporated those lessons into his own business.

Listen to this week’s episode here and find out how Franco went from hot rods to owning one of the industry’s leading software companies today.

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