Folsom pinhole leaks: lawsuit brought by locals

Lawsuit has been filed against the town of Folsom over damage from pinhole-sized leaks in copper pipes

FOLSOM, Calif .– In August 2020, Hal Malquist was experiencing pinhole-sized leaks in his copper pipes, causing service damage. A year later, his house is still fleeing and he files a complaint against the town of Folsom.

“Recover damages for the injury resulting from the leaks,” said Gene Stonebarger, Malquist’s attorney.

Stonebarger said the recent leak in Malquist’s kitchen would cost him $ 75,000. Malquist asked the city to pay for it before joining a lawsuit with others in his position.

“The city has rejected all of these claims,” Stonebarger said.

The owners of some 1,400 properties have complained to the city about the leaks. There were so many of them that in August of last year, the city of Folsom hired two outside people to investigate the cause of the leaks. They learned that it was the water that created the holes.

“Orthophosphate was added at low doses. And what does that do with the chemistry of the water …, it actually goes inside the pipes and makes a film or coating in the copper pipe, and that reduced the number leaking pins, ”said Marcus Yasutake, spokesperson for the town of Folsom.

The city has reimbursed 110 people whose property was affected by pin leaks, with the permit costing an average of $ 200.

Water quality causing holes in copper pipes in Folsom homes

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