Help the city track Chicago’s water leaks

The installation of self-reading water meters at Park Ridge has been going on for several years, and if the COVID pandemic hadn’t scared many residents into letting installers into their homes, the city may have finished the project.

Superintendent of Public Works Wayne Zingsheim said on September 13 that 95% had been installed. It’s 1,909, but 687 remains to be done. These addresses were requested three times to allow installers to enter.

Zingsheim says anyone who blocks the facility again will have their water cut off.

The old water meter system required homeowners to call or post their numbers, which they often forgot to do, especially if they were on vacation. Now, auto-read meters will automatically send records.

The city, which buys its water from Lake Michigan to Chicago, has tried to resolve disputes with Chicago, which continues to bill Park Ridge, demanding a much larger amount. Unless Park Ridge can resolve the difference, all residents will have to pay higher taxes to cover the alleged water bill.

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