Henderson’s Central Park fountain to be repaired

The Town of Henderson is working to solve two problems with repairing popular elements of the downtown area. According to city officials, the Central Park fountain and the Riverfront Water Feature are both in need of major repairs.

The Central Park fountain is currently closed due to an internal water leak. The fountain will be dismantled by the city crews who will then send it to the original manufacturer, Robinson Iron Corp., to refurbish, update and repair it.

The price for this project is $ 79,000 and once the fountain is removed it will be absent from the park for approximately 8 to 12 weeks. The committee approved the spending at today’s meeting.

The very popular Riverfront Water Feature is also expected to undergo these repairs, but the Board of Commissioners has been advised that it may wait a little longer for these repairs.

City officials say the Riverfront water feature is leaking underground, but they would like to keep it running for the rest of the summer season. But they say if the leak gets worse, they could be forced to close the attraction before the usual closing time in October.

The teams will have to dig up the body of water to replace the plumbing at the end of the summer season. City staff will work on a detailed scope of work and report it for discussion at an upcoming committee meeting.

Maintaining both aquatic components is difficult due to exposure to extreme weather conditions and the effects of water treatment chemicals over time. City leaders say these two attractions are part of the iconic look and feel of downtown Henderson.

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