How to Bring a Plumber to Your Home After a Winter Storm

Many plumbing companies have been inundated with calls and are booked until the first week of March, meaning people could be without water for another week.

HOUSTON — For many people in the Houston area, boil water advisories have been lifted.

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However, many people still have no water while waiting for plumbers to fix burst pipes.

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Sharon Fleming, who lives in West Houston, says having someone fix a burst pipe outside her home was as harrowing as the weather event that caused it.

“We cannot get in touch with a plumber. It was impossible to get in touch with a plumber,” Fleming said.

Michel Villasana with Plumbing and village air says they’ve received 20,000 calls about burst pipes in the past few days. He says most plumbing companies are already booked through the first week of March.

As frustrating as it sounds, he says the only option at this point is to join a plumber’s waiting list.

Villasana also shared advice on what you can do while waiting.

“Try to turn off the water to the house if you can. Contact your insurance immediately. See if you can get a trimmer there. It’s just a waiting game at the moment,” he said.

If the leak is outside your home, it says you can turn your water on long enough to fill a bucket. He also says it is important to rely on neighbors who have water until the crisis is over.

Unable to reach a plumber by phone, Fleming had to report a plumber on his street. She hopes he will come back to help her on Wednesday, but it will take a few days.

“We have started using our pool water again. Luckily we had a jug of iced tea so we use it to wash the dishes,” Fleming said.

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