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HOUSTON (CW39) The Association of South-West Piping Trades is offering plumbing advice in the aftermath of the recent winter storm to keep vulnerable customers up to date with what they need to know about their plumber.

As Texans assess the damage from recent severe winter storms, the Southwest Pipe Trades Association says residents of Texas need as much information as possible to make sure all homes and businesses are back on track. ability to work as soon as possible, without further problem.

We thank Governor Abbott and his team for recognizing the vital role plumbers play in ensuring that everything from oxygen tanks to potable water is functioning properly. As with the COVID-19 pandemic, our plumbers are essential workers who face the same situations and challenges as everyone else.

Association of South-West Piping Trades

Licensed plumbers located in Texas and out of state may be approved by the state of Texas to work or assist clients with broken pipes. They work fast and reach customers as quickly as possible to keep the citizens of Texas safe by ensuring that drinking water, as well as air and medical gases are free from contamination. But does the plumber you work with… LEGITIMATE?

With most of the power restored and temperatures returning to normal, Texans continue to battle the ongoing water crisis in the state.

When it comes to getting essential plumbing services, SWPTA asks Texans to understand that a number of factors can delay your ability to get an immediate appointment. This includes transportation issues, the scarcity of materials needed, and plumbing contractors already working beyond their full capacity.

The following answers to frequently asked questions to help protect businesses and residents from other unnecessary problems and costs.

Who do I call if I have a leak or have burst pipes?

Please call a licensed plumber Texas State Plumbing Examining Board. A licensed individual has been professionally trained and has had a full background check.

On average, what is the typical waiting period for a plumber?

During a typical day, plumbers can usually be at your home or business within an hour or two. Unfortunately, conditions have changed and it can be difficult to provide an honest estimate of your wait time.

Are All Plumbers Licensed In Texas? If there is no licensed plumber available, should I use an unlicensed plumber?

To be a plumber in the state of Texas, you must be licensed with the Texas State Plumbing Examining Board. It is not advisable to have an unlicensed plumber work on your home or business. On February 17, Governor Abbott responded to the need for additional plumbers by authorizing a waiver for plumbers who were previously licensed in the state but have not completed their required continuing education in the past 2 years. These plumbers are licensed to apply for a license in Texas to help meet demand in the wake of the winter storm

How do you know if a plumber is licensed?

To verify that a plumber is licensed, you can ask them to produce a license. The state license will have the individual’s name, the license they hold with an associated number, and a specific expiration date. For example, master plumber’s license numbers begin with the letter “M”.

License numbers that begin with “A”, “T”, “J” or any other letter are not senior plumber licenses. In addition, all quotes and invoices must contain the plumber’s license number as well as all contact information for TSBPE. To check any plumber, please visit This site to start your search.

Will my insurance pay for a plumber and his services?

Every situation and insurance policy is different, this will be determined by your provider and your coverage. Please contact them directly with any specific questions you may have, including whether coverage applies for the use of an unlicensed plumber.

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