Impact of load shedding on water supply: LNW explains

POLOKWANE – Water problems in the municipal area are a common occurrence for residents.

From leaks to pump failures, there are a host of challenges, according to water utility Lepelle Northern Water (LNW), that can affect the water supply.

One such common challenge is load shedding, says LNW media liaison Yolande Nel.

“While load shedding implementation has returned, LNW operations continue to be affected and in turn the situation continues to have a huge impact on bulk water supply.
customers and consumers,” she said in a statement.

Nel says a two-hour outage from load shedding has a much longer impact on their plants. “The reduced power supply to LNW plants is affecting operations as these facilities require six to eight hours at a time to restart and recover after an average of two hours without power. During the recovery time, the water pressure must be replenished
for storage tanks to fill to acceptable levels, contributing to an unreliable water supply to consumers in affected areas,” she adds.

Nel says power outages also lead to incidents of vandalism of their infrastructure and theft of property. “Given the financial implications of operating standby generators at factories across the province and the scale of production required, such a mitigation measure does not appear to be a solution to the persistent problem,” she concludes. and pleads for the patience of residents in the event of load shedding.

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