Improving public transport, drinking water supply and sanitation Priorities: Cm | Bhopal News

Bhopal: Improving public transport, drinking water supply and sanitation will be among the new priority measures to be undertaken in Bhopal, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said on Saturday after the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected Mayor of Bhopal. Malti Rai and 85 corporations.
All measures will be taken in Bhopal to provide better transportation facilities for the citizens, to green the city and for better arrangement of drinking water and cleanliness. The provision of funds for different schemes will contribute to the measures.
A five-year development roadmap for Bhopal will soon be presented, he added. The Union government has given approval for the construction of new air bridges in Bhopal, Chouhan said.
Chouhan said corporators and other public officials should lead by example of public service with humility. Chouhan assured that the Bhopal Municipal Corporation would receive the necessary financial assistance for the development work from the state government.
Public transport
Along with the construction of the metro, transport facilities should be improved in the state capital. Chouhan said he secured several sanctioned overflights for Bhopal during a recent meeting with Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari.
Several overflights are offered, including nearby Bhopal Haat Chouraha Shaurya Smarak at bus stop number 6, ISBT at Gautam Nagar, Ayodhya Bypass Road at Karond Shuraha, behind TT Nagar Stadium at Polytechnic College intersection via Nanke Petrol Pump-Roshanpura intersection and Raukhedi Pump House at Visarjan Ghat of Sant Hirdaram Nagar. Apart from this, an elevated corridor will also be constructed between Lady Hospital, Kali Mandir and Shahjahanabad Police Station via Alpana Tiraha-Nadra Bus Stand.
Chouhan said that in addition to road transport in Bhopal, in the near future new modes of transport will be made available to the general public using modern technology related to air connectivity. This includes the cable car. Chouhan said subway-related works are underway, where the operation of the subway will facilitate transportation for the growing population.
The use of CNG instead of diesel and gasoline will be the priority for the operation of vehicles, so that the environment of the city will not be negatively affected either.
Will celebrate ‘Sathapna Diwas’
Due to the electoral code of conduct, Bhopal’s Sathapana Diwas celebrations have been postponed to Chouhan. Chouhan said Bhopal is becoming a high-tech city.
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