IN YOUR CORNER: Hot water returns to Oklahoma City apartment complex after nearly a month

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Tenants called In Your Corner en masse after an Oklahoma City apartment complex lost hot water for nearly a month.

They say that a supervised pot never boils. For Pearlie Jones and her neighbors, the past month has been filled with observations and expectations.

She has been living in the SNS apartments for years and the complex has had no gas for most of September.

This means that hot water has not been an option for the multiple families at the resort.

“We have children here, they need baths every day. We have older people, people with disabilities who can’t get out of their apartments, ”Pearlie noted. “It’s ridiculous.”

The problems started weeks ago under the previous owner, Sunrise Homes.

The tenants of SNS Apartments discuss what at the time was a permanent shortage of hot water.

Tenants tell KFOR that the previous owner claimed there was a gas leak, but a solution would be available soon.

“[The owner] picked up all the rent and told us the water was going to be fixed that week, ”said tenant Markeishia Grant. “We didn’t have hot water, I haven’t seen him since.”

Since then, California-based Freshman Investments LLC has taken over.

In Your Corner spoke with the new group by phone. Freshman Investments told our team that they were not aware of the water issues and claimed that the previous owner did not disclose several issues surrounding the property.

We also spoke with Sunrise Homes.

Owner Ravi Singh told our team, to his knowledge, that the apartments had not been without gas “for several weeks”.

He also pointed to a new owner.

“Well the tenants were taken care of until I handed over the property,” Ravi said. “Now he’s been a new owner for over a week or so. “

Freshman Investments says a gas leak is to blame. The company, however, was quick to get to work.

Just days after our conversation, Pearlie told News 4 that the new company had fixed the hot water at the resort.

Freshman Investments is now considering legal action against Sunrise Homes, over an alleged lack of disclosure on the property.

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