Jal Shakti Ministry painting depicts the challenges of water supply at elevations over 13,000 feet


Jal Shakti’s painting depicts water supply problems in Ladakh

The painting showed a proud figure of droplets in front, illustrating the achievement of the project ‘Har Ghar Jal’

Tableau of Jal Shakti's ministry during the Republic Day Parade 2022, at Rajpath in New Delhi, Wednesday, January 26, 2022. Credit: PTI Photo

A painting illustrating how the Jal Jeevan Mission provides clean water to homes in Ladakh at an altitude of over 13,000ft even in the harsh winter months, walked the Rajpath during the Republic Day Parade Wednesday.

The painting showed a proud droplet figure in front, representing the completion of the ‘Har Ghar Jal’ project and community ownership of the village water supply.

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The middle section showed the community’s joy in getting clean water from the comfort of their homes, schools and anganwadis.

He showed how trained local women carry out water quality tests using field test kits.

The last section described the situation in winter – when temperatures drop to minus 20 degrees Censius, water sources freeze, supply lines become inoperative, pipes burst and material supplies are severely affected, building materials construction are lifted and transported with the help of animals and helicopters. The section also described the technical challenges of drawing water from frozen water sources.

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