Kumbhra residents protest village’s dirty water supply: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Mohali, September 4

Residents of Kumbhra today staged a protest to complain about the dirty and muddy water supply from the tap in the village in recent days, due to which villagers were falling ill.

Protesters alleged that tap water was contaminated due to leaks and that muddy water with a foul smell flowed from taps. Children and the elderly complain of stomach pain and loose movements.

Residents alleged that the Municipal Corporation, Mohali, was paying no attention to the issue. The advisers were also impassive. Women protesters held dirty bottles filled with tap water from their homes.

A village resident and social activist, Balwinder Singh Kumbhra, said, “Mohali MP Aam Aadmi party should step in and solve the matter.

Gurnam Kaur, a former Kumbhra block committee member, said, “Residents have been facing this problem for some time but nothing has been done to end their woes.

Residents of Paramjit Kaur, Karamjit Kaur and Mandeep Kaur village said children and old people were getting sick daily. “Tap water is contaminated due to leaks and muddy water with a foul smell is flowing from taps,” they complained.

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