Mahmood reviews flood relief works

Provincial Local Government and Community Development (LGCD) Minister Punjab Mian Mahmood-ul-Rashid said the government would try to repair the damage in the flood-affected areas as soon as possible while it considers suggestions for compensation or reconstruction of the houses concerned.

“The rescue operation is now complete. The focus will be on resettlement. Chairing a meeting at the office of Commissioner Dera Ghazi Khan on Saturday, he briefed on the Punjab government’s future strategy in this regard.

Assembly members Muhammad Hanif Patafi, Sardar Ahmed Ali Darishak, Dr. Shaheen Najeeb Khosa, Deputy Commissioner DG Khan Mohammad Anwar Briar and others were present.

MPA Sardar Ahmad Ali Dareshk has announced the construction of 1,000 houses in his constituency at a cost of Rs. 100 million. The provincial minister, chairing the meeting regarding the relief activities in the affected areas, said that the survey in the flood-affected areas will soon be completed and the damage will be repaired. He said, “Besides the money, they are also considering the aspects of building houses with the help of domestic and foreign donors. Philanthropists arrive in large numbers.

We focus on resettlement after relief operations.” Provincial Assembly Member Muhammad Hanif Patafi said the investigation should be completed transparently and quickly and construction of houses, settlements and road maintenance should be focused now.

MPA Sardar Ahmad Ali Dareshk announced the construction of 1000 houses in his constituency with Rs. 100 million and said that victims in his constituency will also receive equal government aid. He suggested increasing the number of camps and health teams.

MPA Dr Shahina Najeeb Khosa said representatives of the public should be included in investigation teams. Settlements should not be done on the torrential path.

Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Anwar Briar said 17 tent villages and more than 25 relief camps had been established in the flood-affected areas. Investigation teams had been formed for district, tehsil and 189 patwar circles.

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