Mayor of Yorkton Tackles Trend of Water Main Breaks, Notes Free Parking in City | GX94 Radio

There has been a somewhat alarming trend in the town of Yorkton.

Between January and August, there were 21 water main breaks and 31 water service leaks. Mayor Mitch Hippsley says that compared to last year for the same period, there were 6 water main breaks and 46 water service leaks.

“Water main breaks are caused by stress cracks in the pipe due to freezing and movement, usually in the spring. However, the breaks are becoming more regular, even now throughout the summer months. A water service leak is caused by a combination of aging service lines…and soil movement in and around the lines over time. Hippsley explained while mentioning that some underground infrastructure is 70 years old.

“Each year we work to upgrade our aging underground infrastructure as part of our watermain replacement program, and of course that takes time and money.” he added.

The city’s water and sewer department responded to repair the damage.

Free parking

There will be free parking in select areas of downtown Yorkton.

Mayor Hippsley notes that this only applies to city-owned land from August 29 to September 2.

Free parking locations include the four multi-space parking lots, pay stations and permanent parking lots located on Myrtle, Betts, First and Second Avenues.

Curbside parking throughout downtown will still have the two-hour limit.

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