Mesa County Election Officials Confident 2020 Election Was Accurate

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – Mesa County election officials say they are confident the 2020 general election was accurate and election records are properly secured.

Elections Supervisor Sheila Reiner said there were four reports released by a group alleging voter fraud and had evidence of different areas of voter fraud. Reiner says election officials investigated the allegations and found no evidence of voter fraud in those reports.

Reiner said the author of the reports did not seek any information from election officials, to understand that official documents are electronically backed up and stored, which Reiner says validates election results.

“We know we had a file from the Secretary of State and the vendor, with the voting system vendor advising the county to do a full backup before the trust build was done and the trust build is an upgrade. computer level. So when a computer is upgraded, it can delete the files that were on it,” Reiner said. “So we know we have a backup of our election files. And we know we’re in compliance with Colorado law and federal law and we know there were instructions to do a backup before they did the upgrade so the clerks can then reload their data elections on the servers.

Reiner said the report named some potential vulnerabilities, but she says election officials are taking a proactive approach to ensure they don’t become vulnerabilities in the future.

“We will achieve this by keeping the cameras on, maintaining a strong chain of custody, maintaining physical security, keeping the system off the internet,” Reiner said. “Just following these laws and rules that are already in place will solve this problem.

And she also said voters in Mesa County can rest assured that the upcoming primary elections in June will be safe and secure for votes.

“We just want to assure voters ahead of the June primary that everyone is on board and that election judges will be trained and the same policies and procedures will be followed as a normal election and will be safe and accurate.”

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