Mullaperiyar sign ignores increased water leakage from Baby Dam

Idukki: Water seepage through two galleries of the baby dam of the Mullaperiyar reservoir is increasing day by day, reveal data provided in Kerala by the government of Tamil Nadu.

When the water level is at 142 feet, the amount of leakage through the galleries is 185 liters of water per minute. When the water level is reduced to 136 feet, the leak drops to 137-188 liters per minute.

The Mullaperiyar Dam consists of the 152-foot-high and 1,200-foot-long main dam, a 240-foot x 115-foot baby dam, and a 240-foot x 20-foot earth dam.

The monitoring panel remains off
The oversight committee appointed by the Supreme Court has yet to visit the dam site. He also failed to inspect the main dam after the water level rose to 142 feet a few times in the recent past.

It is alleged that the government of Kerala or the representative of the State of Kerala in the follow-up committee failed to convey to the panel the need to visit the dam site to take stock of the problem first. hand.

Officials from the Kerala Water Resources Department first drew the attention of senior officials to the severity of the leak after an inspection at the dam. The leak at the baby dam was discovered a few days ago, at the end of the rainy season.

TN’s stand

The position of the government of Tamil Nadu is that the inflow of water into the dam has greatly reduced after the end of the rainy season and that there is no threat to the baby dam now.

Water leaks at a height of 10 ft and 45 ft from the bottom of the dam are measured for the purpose of preparing seepage data.

On Tuesday, the water level in the Mullaperiyar Dam stood at 140.9 feet. About 600 cubic feet of water are taken by Tamil Nadu for power generation. Compared to recent years, only a quarter of the water is now diverted from Tamil Nadu to its side.

Data concerning water leaks through the galleries were transmitted to Kerala by Tamil Nadu. But neither Tamil Nadu nor the monitoring committee commented on the issue. According to the Supreme Court ruling, the monitoring committee should visit the dam, examine the situation, and then take the necessary safety measures whenever the water level rises. But such a decree was little taken into account by the monitoring panel.

Instead of visiting the dam and then having a meeting to review the situation, the monitoring committee called an online meeting. The general feeling is that the online meetings were deliberately convened in order to give the impression that the leak is not that bad.

TN team, baby dam visit

A delegation from the Tamil Nadu government visited the Mullaperiyar dam after the water leak was reported the other day.

A team led by the representative of the Theni district collector and the head of the district irrigation department visited the dam site and reviewed the situation. Details of the visit were not disclosed by the government of Tamil Nadu.

The bottom of the baby dam being buried by sludge, the TN team could not carry out a study on the spot.

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