New York rewards city employees for their innovative work

Written by Ryan Johnston

New York City officials on Thursday named eight city employees and teams as winners of new innovation awards from the mayor’s office of the chief technology officer.

NYC[x] The awards, handed out at a virtual ceremony last week, recognize the “ingenuity and dedication” of city officials who have used technology to advance the city’s use of data analytics and management. , procurement processes, GIS data and digital services, among other technology efforts. Three of the eight awards – which were open to all city workers – went to people who consistently use technological innovation in their work for the city, while five went to teams for projects that have demonstrates “creative use of cutting edge technologies / innovative approaches,” according to a press release.

“[The winners] have applied technology in new and impactful ways to improve life here in the Big Apple, ”John Paul Farmer, city technical director, said in the press release. “Collectively, the winners are examples of what the public service can and should be. These people and projects show the vision, ingenuity, and courage that put New York City officials at the highest level, not only in the United States, but around the world.

The five program-focused awards have been ranked based on the impact the program has had on the city. A team from the Ministry of Health and Mental Hygiene won the Digital Transformation Award for their work in updating and maintaining the city-wide immunization registry during the pandemic of COVID-19, by creating a publicly accessible online portal for vaccine providers to use and a return-end database to maintain the immunization status of New York City residents.

Another award – the “Mayoral Priority” award – went to another team in the health department who aggregated data from the city’s disparate medical systems to create public dashboards based on the data at the start of the pandemic. of COVID-19, giving local and state leaders a better understanding of how the virus is spread.

Other awards went to work unrelated to the pandemic: A team from the Sanitation Department won a cultural transformation award for replacing a paper-based snow and garbage management system with a flatbed – fully digital form based on open source tools.

A total of 168 people at 20 locations across the city have been nominated for NYC[x] price.

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