North Huron Passes Annual Drinking Water System Review

NORTHERN HURON – The Safe Drinking Water Act requires a licensed operating authority to operate all municipal water systems. In addition, these authorities must provide annual reports to the owner of the water system.

The North Huron water system is operated by Veolia Water Canada.

Council received a report on December 20, 2021 from Jamie McCarthy, Director of Public Works for North Huron, updating it on the findings of the annual review.

NSF’s international auditors performed an external audit of the water system in August 2021. They reported that the management system was effectively implemented except for two minor non-conformities (NC).

Four improvement opportunities (OFI) were also identified. Opportunities do not require formal responses, but are included in the management review report for review.

Veolia staff responded to minor non-conformities and implemented the changes.

Additionally, the review noted:

– operational performance was efficient. Operations staff work hard to improve efficiency while maintaining high quality work to ensure customer satisfaction;

– no incident of regulatory non-compliance to report during the reporting year; and

– no changes that would affect the current QMS have been observed or mentioned.


As recommended by Justice O’Conner following the Walkerton Inquiry, the Ontario government implemented the Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program in 2007.

In response to this recommendation, the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks developed the SGDQE which applies to owners and operating authorities of municipal drinking water systems.

The DWQMS sets the framework for the development of a quality management system. The implementation of the SGDQ is mandated by the provincial government under the Act respecting the safety of drinking water.

DWQMS is based on the principle of “plan, execute, verify, improve”. The operational plan provides an understanding of the drinking water system, the roles and responsibilities of the owner and operating personnel, the operating and maintenance procedures of the drinking water system, as well as a commitment and owner’s approval to provide safe drinking water.

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