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Panaji: In the interest of public health, the state human rights commission recommended that the health official may consider granting clean water and electricity to residents of a building in Santa Cruz.
Residents complained of water and electricity cuts.
“The health worker, primary health center, Chimbel, may consider granting the supply of drinking water and electricity to residents of the apartments in the Mudras Manor in Santa Cruz upon payment of the appropriate fees and on said plaintiff committing to continue paying the bills from time to time, failing which the PWD and the electricity service will be free to cut off the power, ”said Justice Commission Chairman UV Bakre and member Desmond D ‘Costa.
There was a common water connection to the building which had been obtained on behalf of the landowner, Mukundraj Mudras in 2018. The building has eight apartments and the PWD and water connection were disconnected due to arrears. of invoice.
Mudras had also requested a temporary disconnection on March 12, 2020, citing the reason why all the co-occupants of the building do not contribute to the units consumed for the common public service. The electricity service has placed the meter under temporary disconnection.
Affected by this, some residents had turned to the Human Rights Commission.

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