Pimlico Plumbers boss Charlie Mullins on vaccination passports, sacking half the cabinet and marrying Margaret Thatcher

Pimlico Plumbers owner Charlie Mullins has said there should be “no more mercy” from the government over vaccine passports.He explained to the Acting Prime Minister’s podcast why this decision is the only way for his company’s employees to work.

The multi-millionaire is controversially planning to stick to a ‘no sting, no job’ policy with his team of engineers at London’s largest independent plumbing company.

He added: “I personally have to say that I don’t even think we should be allowing people out on the streets unless they’ve been vaccinated.”

Charlie Mullins explains why he wants vaccine passports:

Boris Johnson recently said a vaccine passport program for pubs and hospitality could be on the cards but the concept is “premature”.

Asked by podcast host Paul Brand if he thought the government was doing enough, he replied “now we have to stop talking, we have to make it happen”.

He added: “Nobody is going to come and work for us if they don’t have proof that they got it.

“We will not send engineers to customers after the vaccine is properly deployed, unless they have received the vaccine.”

Charlie Mullins on making the firm more working-class:

Stepping into the shoes of caretaker Prime Minister for a day, the business owner also said he would sack at least half the cabinet, keeping only Health Secretary Matt Hancock, the Minister for Vaccine Rollout Covid Nadhim Zahawi and Home Secretary Priti Patel.

He told ITV News: “We need more working class people out there, people with common sense.

“I would bring a lot of fresh blood and more normal working class people, there aren’t many floating around there right now.”

Mullins would fill the roles with high-profile businessmen like himself, naming The Apprentice star Lord Alan Sugar and Dragon’s Den panelist Peter Jones as potential candidates.

Charlie Mullins explains why he would marry Margaret Thatcher:

Mullins grew up alongside three brothers, a father who worked in a factory and a mother who was a housekeeper.

He seized the opportunity to work as an apprentice with a local plumber and seeing the success of his mentor was a turning point in his plan for the future.

At the time, he also found Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher inspiring, feeling encouraged by her promises that he could own a home, a business and become a “more important part of society”.

He added: “I would have married Margaret Thatcher, that’s how good she was.

“He’s the person I listened to throughout my professional career, I admired him so much.”

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