Portugal to support Mozambique in water supply

The Portuguese Minister of Environment and Climate Action expressed Portugal’s openness to support and share experiences with Mozambique in expanding water supply systems.

“Portugal wants to intensify the sharing [of experiences] with Mozambique, ”said João Pedro Matos Fernandes, in Maputo.

Mozambique’s water supply systems expansion plan is scheduled for a 10-year period, and over the period, the country expects an additional $ 1.8 billion ($ 1.5 billion euros) be invested in the construction and modernization of infrastructure, with the support of the private sector and partners, in order to guarantee universal access to the resource.

Within the framework of this plan, Portugal will spend one million euros, over the next three years, to support Mozambique in carrying out a “set of studies necessary for it to achieve the objective of having other models of water service management, ”said João Pedro. Matos Fernandes.

According to the Portuguese official, the experience that Portugal has gained with the transformation of the sector over the past 25 years will be shared with Mozambique, but it is important to realize that the realities and challenges are different.

“Environmental issues are always linked to territories and no territory is alike,” said the Portuguese government official.

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