COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated the growth of online retailing – and is poised to change the face of our shopping streets forever.

But rather than mourn the losses, it’s time to seize and celebrate the vast opportunities for business growth.

That’s the message from one of the UK’s fastest growing online retailers – a company that has risen to the challenge of ‘unprecedented demand’ during the coronavirus pandemic and has seen sales soar. arrow.

Sixty Stores Ltd is a multi-channel e-commerce retailer based in Stratford upon Avon, which operates sites such as,, and

The surge in demand for garden buildings, home offices, home gyms and garden renovations enabled the company to record a whopping 113% increase in sales between March and June of this year, reaching £ 15.3million.

That figure was more than double the £ 7.1million in sales recorded for the same four-month period in 2019.

This is proof of the rapid acceleration in e-commerce driven by Covid-19 and the decline of Main Street.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that in May, online sales were a record 33.3% of all retail businesses.

But, according to Sixty Stores Ltd, our shopping habits were already changing and are unlikely to return to Main Street even after the pandemic.

Company Director William Letterese says:Our shopping streets are already vastly different from what they were a decade ago and news of store closings from retail giants like John Lewis and Boots is further proof of a truly significant and lasting change in the way we buy ”.

“The Covid-19 quickly accelerated a change already underway”
“And while this undoubtedly heralds a tough and difficult time for many, our success and the success of the UK e-commerce industry shows that it’s not all bad news for jobs or business. ‘economy.

“The demand for retail remains high – and it’s about seizing this opportunity now. “

Sixty Stores Ltd is on track for a record annual turnover of £ 23million this year.

“As soon as we entered the lockdown, consumers who would not generally buy online had no alternative,” Mr. Letterese added.
“And that signals a big change for the future – the fact that people who previously might have been reluctant to do things like banking or shopping online, have now seen the benefits.

“We quickly saw unprecedented demand in our e-commerce stores, especially in the home and garden sector, with increased sales for summer homes, sheds, home offices, gyms. home, domestic refrigeration and garden furniture. It has undoubtedly been difficult at times, but we have a great team, which we look forward to developing as the business continues to grow. “

Sixty Stores Ltd, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, was established in 2011 with the main objective of creating a group of market-leading online retail sites. The objective is now to expand the product ranges and develop further in the garden and home markets.

Sixty Stores Ltd was founded by Will Letterese, Ben Styles and Adrian Styles. Coming from online marketing and web development, they recognized the value of generic domain names and created the company with the main goal of creating a group of online retail sites that used premium domain names like ” brands ”.

For more information and to view Sixty Stores Ltd’s portfolio of brands and stores, visit

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