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Regular Meeting, Ethan Town Council, 01/18/2022 (Rescheduled from Jan. 17, 2022) Ethan Town Council met in regular session on Jan. 18, 2022 at 6:10 p.m. at the Hotel of Ethan town. Directors present were Gregg Thibodeau, Megan Perry, Bob Riggs, Raquel Nesheim and Jason Koch. Municipal staff present: Dave Duba and Michele Pollreisz. President Thibodeau declared the meeting open and conducted the oath of allegiance. Unless otherwise indicated, all motions were carried unanimously. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Agenda approved on motion by Koch, seconded by Perry. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the December 20, 2021 meeting were approved on motion by Riggs, secondly by Nesheim. No minutes from the community center. FINANCIAL REPORTS: The Finance Officer reviewed some of the December financial reports. The Lucas device was delivered to Ethan’s fire department. PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: Discussed the water loss report and noted that water loss was low this month. Discussed the water leak that was found and fixed in town. CITIZEN CONTRIBUTION: None. APPROVAL OF CLAIMS: Motion by Riggs, seconded by Koch, to approve the claims. General, Sewer, Water, Preservation and Community Center Fund * staff and council salaries – council salaries $300.13, finance salaries $2,217.94; Public works wages, $2,794.00; Dave Duba, bonus of $325.00; Michele Pollreisz, bonus of $225.00; Badger Meter $124.95; Betty Raymond, training fee $68.00; Don and Tricia Warren, deposit refund $8.00; Card Services $541.66; ClerkBooks Inc., $150.00; MCC excavation $6,571.41; Davison County Auditor $1,800.00; DANR, membership fee of $350.00; Hanson Rural Water; water services $3,900.50; Ménards, supplies $49.77; Midwest Fire (Tessiers) $100.00; Mike’s Corner, fuel $348.03; Morgan Theeler $322.50; NorthWestern Energy, utilities $1,745.86; Planning and Development Dist III $646.00; Races $17.99; Santel $133.41; DS 811 $8.40; SD Gov Finance Officers Assoc, Annual fee $40.00; SD Municipal Street Maintenance Assoc, annual fee, $35.00; Department of Health, testing $15.00; SD Retirement System $36.98; SD Pension Plan $772.12; Weber sewerage, garbage service $1756.00; Century Business Products, copier rental $74.53; John Deere Financial, tractor payment $640.51; QuickBooks Payroll Services $5,011.94; SD Department of Revenue $118.35; USDA, loan repayment $1,023.00; US Treasury, pay liability $1502.08. OLD BUSINESS: Community Center: Hohn Construction will be repairing the awning and gutters on ECC within the next two weeks. They are waiting for the supplies that have been ordered. Will be installing security cameras. Housing Project: Filed Bereavement Policy: Approved and updated in the policy manual granting 2 days per year to each employee on the proposal of Perry, second of Nesheim. NEW BUSINESS: Motion by Perry, seconded by Riggs, to approve the following designations for the year 2022: newspaper, Daily Republic; engineer, SPN & Associates; Attorney, Morgan Theeler Law Firm; banks, the Farmers State Bank and the First National Bank. Motion by Nesheim, seconded by Riggs, that salaries remain the same: board remuneration, $75.00 per meeting attended; remuneration of the president, $100.00 per meeting attended; Finance officer salary, $16.00 per hour; Public works wages, $19.60 per hour; and that mileage rate remains at the state rate of $0.42 per mile. Established holiday closings as indicated in the ordinances. State law allows the board to pre-approve expenditures to avoid late fees and to approve recurring payment items such as payroll and its corresponding liabilities. Motion by Riggs, seconded by Koch, to approve the Finance Officer to pay recurring bills in a timely manner. Joint election discussed with the school which will take place on April 12th. The city will have an open 3-year term. Joint election approved on motion by Riggs, seconded by Koch. Ethan Tralriders applied for a community grant to build their new Crows Nest at the Ethan Horse Arena. A grant of $500 was approved on motion by Riggs, seconded by Perry. Ethan Traliriders will raise funds to match the $500 grant. Executive Session: SDL 1-25-2 (1 & 4): None The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 9, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. Motion of Nesheim, seconded by Perry, to adjourn at 6:40 p.m. Michele Pollreisz Finance Officer Gregg Thibodeau President Issued once at an approximate cost of $43.50 (January 22, 2022) 25049

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