Residents without water as the Empire experiences low water levels

EMPIRE, Colo. (KDVR) — Empire’s water treatment system isn’t producing enough water to meet demand, and city residents and businesses are living without water or facing low pressure .

According to the Empire Police Department, the city’s water source is from Madd Creek and currently the water flow is too low. On top of that, an unlocated leak in town is fueling the water shortage.

Empire is working to increase the water intake at Madd Creek and supplement that water in the UV water filtration plant. The city is expected to receive a delivery of new filtration tanks on Monday.

The filtration tanks will operate to filter what was previously a closed well that exceeded heavy metal levels from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Residents can fill containers from a tank truck located at Theobold Park, 52 East Park Avenue. Additional drinking water bottles and gallon jugs are available in limited quantities.

The tanker truck is available during business hours on Mondays and every day after as needed.

Empire PD said Clear Creek County Emergency Services is assisting the city by providing 5-gallon buckets. As for fire protection, Clear Creek Country Fire Authority moved a 2,000 gallon tank truck to the Empire Fire Hall.

Empire has been working to improve its water supply system over the past few years to combat the changing variables of water demand, drought and water flow. A new well should be exploited later in the year.

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