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For many Californians, spring represents a time of new beginnings. The tradition of spring cleaning gives residents the opportunity to renovate their homes and reach areas that are not regularly touched. As you begin to freshen up your space, it’s important to remember that California just recorded its driest January and February in over 100 years and implementing environmentally friendly deep cleaning methods drought should be a top priority.

California’s Save Our Water program encourages everyone to continue their water-saving habits as residents work together to end the drought. Water conservation efforts are ongoing and essential to saving the state’s water supply.

“California is experiencing a severe drought. January and February were the driest we have seen in 100 years and it is imperative that we practice the water conversation daily as we look to spring and summer,” said Maurice Chaney, gatekeeper. word of Save Our Water. “Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to learn new ways of deep cleaning while doing your part to save our state’s water. The habits you develop now can be part of your lifestyle to help us out of this drought.

Water is essential for cleaning, but can be wasted if not used efficiently. The Save Our Water program offers six tips to consider when doing your deep cleaning this spring.

  1. Wait for the water to heat up? Use a bucket to collect running water that is not at the desired temperature to reuse later when cleaning other areas of your home. This will prevent excessive wastage.
  1. Pay particular attention to the amount of water you use to dilute cleaning solutions when washing surfaces such as countertops and floors. The water to solution ratio is important for proper cleaning and not wasting.
  1. Vacuum ledges, window sills, baseboards and door frames and dust your ceiling fans, blinds and areas above cabinets, instead of wiping them down with water.
  1. Avoid pre-rinsing dirty dishes and fill your sink with a few inches of soapy water to soak them, instead of washing them in running water. If available, use a dishwasher and only run full loads.
  1. When cleaning your bathroom, place a drop of food coloring in the toilet tank to easily identify if you have a leak. If any color appears in the bowl after 10 minutes, you have a leak, possibly from a worn toilet flapper or fill valve.
  1. Spring cleaning the car too? Be sure to use a bucket and sponge or invest in products that allow you to wash your car without using water.

Cleaning is a constant chore that is necessary for the upkeep and upkeep of our homes and environments. Applying these drought-friendly spring cleaning tips and checking for household leaks year-round can go a long way toward having a positive impact on California’s water supply. Make water conservation a part of your daily life to secure California’s future and make our water last. For more water conservation tips and resources, please visit

About Save Our Water

Save Our Water is a national water conservation program created in 2009 by the Department of Water Resources. The program aims to make water conservation a daily habit for all Californians.

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