Texans go the extra mile to get hoses for winter storm damage

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – Over the past week, lines have been long and supplies have been hard to come by.

“[It’s] very difficult. Everywhere you go there’s a queue or they don’t have the coins,” Eunice Ponce said.

Ponce’s mum has burst seven pipes due to arctic frost last week and she can’t seem to find what she needs.

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“It was like a chase game and you stand in line and they don’t even have the coins when you show up,” said Steve Hernandez of Alamo Plumbing.

Luckily for Steve, he was able to get the last supplies he needed for his customers at Universal Plumbing Supply east of downtown.

“I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve been through several blockages,” said Melvin Cweren, owner of Universal Plumbing Supply.

Cweren said his employees were working non-stop. Last week he had thousands of customers and no power, but he still managed to give everyone what they needed.

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“A lot of them do it themselves, they don’t know what they’re doing so we have to work harder to please them,” he said.

Some even go the extra mile, literally, to find what they need.

“I went to Louisiana and picked up as many things as we could in my truck and brought it back,” said the logistics manager of Pour in Houston Jose Hernandez.

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Jose is part of the local non-profit group, Pour into Houston, which provides affordable mental health services. They were able to help families repair their homes and are still coordinating their efforts to get more supplies and boxes of water.

“It’s been hectic, but you just have to be patient. That’s all you can do,” Steve said.

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