The economy of the new world is so bad that some players have stopped using money

It looks like the New World honeymoon phase is already over. Players discover a ton of issues with New World, including a lack of functional end-game content, an AFK follow-up that kicks players for being in trades for too long, and an invincibility issue that makes the New World’s PvP mode a snap.

And to top it off, the New World economy is collapsing due to rampant deflation. Unlike inflation, deflation occurs when the prices of goods continue to fall rather than rise. This is most often caused by people hoarding money due to a tight money supply – which is exactly what is happening in the New World.

In New World, players can earn money (or “coins”) by completing quests, killing mobs, and collecting, but the money they get is not enough to counter the money. which is taken away from them. Property taxes, manufacturing costs, and repairs all cost a lot more money than players earn, especially after high-level players have maxed out and depleted the game’s quest pool.

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Prices for crafting raw materials have plummeted in recent days, with ore costing just a few cents. It got to the point where players have resorted to some sort of barter system to avoid spending coins at in-game traders. Directly exchanging required goods with other players saves you money. money, but it also drastically reduces overall market activity.

Besides making transactions extremely difficult, deflation has many negative effects on the economy of the game. Anything that has a fixed cost becomes much more expensive because there is simply no easy way to collect coins. . It is often cheaper to buy a brand new weapon rather than to repair an old one, unless you are at an incredibly high level, and even then you will probably be inclined to use a cheap disposable weapon for everything but the most battles. important.

New World outfitting station

Deflation is also bad for the overall health of a game because it discourages gambling. Why bother with an in-gambling profession if you can’t make any money? Why bother grinding for an endgame weapon if you can’t afford to fix it? Why bother to take over enemy territory if you can’t afford the property taxes or the cost of rebuilding all those crafting stations?

The solution here is relatively simple: lower taxes, lower repair and manufacturing costs, and provide more sources of gold for end-game content. Until Amazon makes these fixes, players will continue to accumulate money, prices will continue to fall, and the New World may well die before it has a chance to really prosper.

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