“The supply of water to the Qadra canal until Rojhan is assured”

LAHORE: The Punjab Irrigation Department has asked Chief Irrigation Engineer Dera Ghazi Khan to supply water from the Qadra Canal to its tail in the last tehsil Rojhan.

According to a document available from The News, an application had been submitted to the Punjab Irrigation Secretary in which the chief engineer was ordered to take appropriate action in accordance with the rules and resolve the grievances of the Rojhan candidates.

The residents of the demand claimed that they and their animal only had this channel as a source of water, even for drinking. Unfortunately, the canal has dried up for a long time, depriving them of canal water which is considered “dirty water”. According to people, the water under the ground in Rojhan is salty and unsuitable for drinking. They cannot drink this water, so they have to rely on the water from the Qadra channel.

According to the people of Rojhan, 1,400 cusecs were set for the Qadra channel and 700 cusecs of water were set for Head Dheegan. They complained that some people steal water there using electric motors, tractor pumps, etc. According to them, they could not irrigate the crops due to lack of water. Wheat and cotton could not be sown on their land due to lack of water. Rojhan farmers lamented that crop growth is not possible in salt water. They asked the government to provide them with water.

Niaz Ahmed, head of policy and advocacy in Pakistan, said the water supply should be managed by the government. “At least 90 percent of groundwater is used in Pakistan for irrigation and industrial purposes. He said water extraction and management must be addressed. Niaz Ahmed added that climate change has affected and altered the quality of water in Pakistan. The water table has declined due to the extraction of water for irrigation and industrial purposes. He called for the adoption of a climate-friendly method to solve the problem of drinking water.

He said that for the well-being of the generations to come, the use of water with responsibility and preservation should be emphasized.

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