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If burst pipes in a cold snap are causing an unexpected leak somewhere in your home, or if you notice a discolored area on your wall or bubbles in the paint, you’ll want to know the cause and fix the problem quickly to avoid any problems. additional damage. This is where trace and access coverage comes in.

What is Trace and Access Coverage

Traceability and access coverage can be part of your home insurance policy. This means that in the event of a leak in your home, you can call on a specialist to find its origin and the search and access costs will be covered, up to the amount you have insured and subject to franchise. Some insurers pay for the actual repair of leaky pipes under this coverage, but not all will.

With Saga buildings insurance, location and access cover also includes the cost of restoration, which means putting back any walls, floors or ceilings that needed to be removed to fix the problem.

Do you need trace and access coverage?

If you notice water or oil where there shouldn’t be any in your home, it can be hard to tell if you have a small problem on your hands or something worse. While some leaks are easy to find and repair, trying to identify the source of others can be more difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

If you have trace and access coverage, you can work with your insurance company to get specialist help to find the leak and fix the underlying issues without causing more damage.

Without trace and access coverage, the costs can quickly mount and leave you seriously out of pocket.

Does Saga home insurance include a guarantee of traceability and access?

Track and Access cover is included in Saga Plus policies and will cover up to the Sum Insured, and for Saga Select policies we will pay up to £5,000.

As part of these sums insured, Saga Buildings Insurance covers the search and repair of water or oil leaks in your home, even if they are caused by wear and tear. That’s why in our policies we call this feature Trace, Access & Repair – because we don’t just find the leak, we fix it too.

If the water or oil leak caused other damage to your buildings or contents, you will also be covered for that damage under the Water Leakage section of your policy, which all Saga policies include in standard.

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What is not included in Tracking and Access coverage?

We will not cover the costs if your accommodation was unfurnished or unoccupied at the time of the damage.

And we cannot provide tracing and access coverage for leaks caused by subsidence, ground heaving, settling, or landslides. Or repair underground services, including broken clay pipes or collapsed pitch fiber drains resulting from wear and tear. However, you may still be covered for accidental damage to underground services on your buildings insurance policy.

See your policy schedule and policy booklet for a complete description of your policy exclusions.

Is underground water main insurance included in the location and access guarantee?

No. However, we do cover accidental damage to underground services (including drains) under Saga’s buildings policy, so you may still be able to claim should something go wrong.

What to do if you find a leak

When you find a leak, you must act immediately to limit the damage:

If you find a water leak, close the shut-off valve to shut off the water supply

If it is an oil leak, cut off the supply at the reservoir

Then you must contact us immediately with your trace details and access your home insurance policy so that we can assist you.

You will find the number you need for your real estate underwriter in your policy documents. You can use it to get in touch with trace finding and access leak detection.

We will send a specialist to make an initial assessment and estimate the work to be done. Then we’ll give you the go-ahead for the leak-finding work to be done, so you can fix the problem and get back to normal.

How can I reduce the risk of water leaks?

Keeping your home maintained and in good repair is part of a homeowner’s job. If you want to reduce the chances of a leak causing you a problem in your home, consider taking these steps:


Delay all water pipes and tanks that you can access, not forgetting the attic.

find faucets

Know where your shut-off valves are – inside and outside your home – and be prepared to use them to shut off the water supply in an emergency.

Check the pipes

Regularly check your pipes where you have installed appliances, looking for drips or leaks.


Check faucets, toilets, sinks and tubs and keep them well maintained.

Check before drilling

Do not drill into walls without knowing where the water pipes are.

when on vacation

If you leave your house empty for a while, turn off the water supply before you leave.


If your pipes freeze, turn off the mains water and thaw them slowly using hot water bottles.

Staying alert to potential issues means you’re less likely to find nasty surprises – and if you do, you can use your trace and access cover to find a quick fix.

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