Update on water supply + Fire insurance victory + Coal train through town?

Hello, Healdsburg! I’m here to start your Thursday off right with everything you need to know about what’s going on in the city.

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First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

Mostly sunny and super hot, with a light breeze. High: 97 Low: 54.

Here are the top 5 stories from Healdsburg today:

  1. Healdsburg State Senator Mike McGuire just took his fight to the next level against a “Toxic coal train” planned for the railway along the Russian river, including by Healdsburg. He describes it as “one of the greatest environmental threats the North Coast has seen in decades – a proposal for a covert and clandestine operation, hiding behind an anonymous Wyoming LLC, which wants to ship millions of tons of coal through counties in Northern California from Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, Trinity and Humboldt. So the senator introduced a bill that would derail the company’s plans by block state funds for the renovations necessary for the old north coast rail line and the port of Humboldt to support coal shipments. And another sister bill would make the railroad track and the land around it be instead dedicated to SMART passenger trains and the planned 316-mile Great Redwood Trail. (CA Senate District 2)
  2. Did you know that the Sonoma Water agency has a web portal where you can stay up to date on water supply levels for Healdsburg’s main water source, a.k.a the Russian River through Lake Mendocino and Lake Sonoma? Not surprisingly, the amount of water in both lakes is way below target right now. Lake Mendocino is at 25 percent of its target capacity for this time of year, and Lake Sonoma is at 46 percent. Also: La Tribune has the latest news on key decisions of public agencies currently in limbo on the headwaters of the river which could have a significant impact on Healdsburg in the years to come. According to officials tackling the mess, “the upper Russian River basin is at a low point. unprecedented in living memory. Lake Mendocino could dry up for the first time since it was built in 1958. ”Overall, we’re probably looking at strict conservation measures that remain in place at least until next year, reports the Tribune. (Sonoma Water & SoCoNews)
  3. The City of Healdsburg has focused on prepare seniors for forest fires. Or any other emergency that comes our way – “a flood, a zombie apocalypse, whatever happens next,” says the senior city service supervisor. After speaking to seniors affected by the Walbridge fire last year, the Healdsburg Senior Center “took their advice and ideas and created a large print hard copy with an evacuation area and emergency preparedness information for use by seniors.” These were distributed to a emergency preparedness event for seniors at amusement park Last week. (SoCoNews Healdsburg)
  4. Good news for Healdsburg residents including insurance companies tried to let them down because they live in an area particularly prone to forest fires. State officials reportedly “imposed a one-year ban” this week that “prevents insurance companies from dropping homeowners in areas affected by major fires from summer 2019 to today. The moratorium covers homes threatened by the Kincade fire, the fires at the LNU complex, including Walbridge, and more. The California Insurance Commissioner said the law “empowers my office to help people the breathing space they desperately need to recover. I will continue to both enforce this law to protect consumers and continue to work to create long-term solutions. (Sacramento Bee via North Bay Business Journal)
  5. It’s Healdsburg Police News Time. Incident reports for the period ending Monday include one “wheelchair user” seen “threatening to beat people” on Vine Street; alleged embezzlement of “$ 11,000 value of goods “in a store on Healdsburg Avenue; an alleged drunkard who” fell on the embankment near Badger Park “and” appeared not to move but was snoring, “was then given a “Courtesy ride to his mother’s house” from the responding officer; someone “throwing newsstands in the road” on Healdsburg Avenue who was also courted by police, this time at Rohnert Park; another man spotted “yelling names and knocking on the windows “of the Healdsburg Fire Department; and a father on Ferrero Drive who reported his daughter’s boyfriend for trespassing because “he is not allowed / welcome to their home”. (SoCoNews Healdsburg)

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Today in Healdsburg:

  • Harvest lunch at Jordan Winery (12 p.m.-2 p.m.)
  • Healdsburg Running Company Thursday night fun run With “The Crew”: Magnolia Vineyards Loop (6pm)
  • Documentary Cinema focus group at the Sonoma County Wine Library: “Pollinators” (6 pm-7pm)
  • Healdsburg Jazz Presentation Zoom: The Legacy of Jean Coltrane (6 pm-7.30pm)
  • Virtual City Hall: How Sonoma County Should Use US bailout law funds? (6 pm-8pm)
  • Healdsburg Unified School District English Learners Advisory Committee Meeting (6 p.m. to 8 p.m.)

Healdsburg Notebook

  • Healdsburg town leaders held a workshop on their urban water management plan under construction last night to get the public’s opinion. If you’re interested, you can watch the whole thing, which lasted almost 3 hours, online. (Facebook)
  • Another big-ish a fire broke out yesterday in Schellville, near the city of Sonoma, and quickly expanded to over 100 acres. Firefighters I jumped on it and contained it in a few hours. No evacuation was necessary. (Facebook)
  • The Healdsburg Arts Center is looking for volunteers. (Facebook)
  • The detectives next door have banded together to solve the mystery of the photos of a Mexican singer hospitalized stalled next to mailboxes across town. (Beside and beside)
  • Do you have any old apples on your trees that are going to be wasted? Healdsburg nonprofit Farm to Pantry, which harvests surplus produce from local farms and distributes it to those in need, wants to take them out of your hands. “You can drop off your excess apples (not the fallen ones) at Manzana 9141 Green Valley Road for our applesauce project,” the organization says. (Facebook)
  • There is an animated poll underway for determine “the best place to eat in Healdsburg” in the Facebook group “What’s Happening Healdsburg”. Spoiler alert: Campo Fina wins by a landslide, El Sombrero taking a second distance. (Facebook)
  • Neighbors are worried about a striped cat with white paws and a pink harness that someone saw get hit by a car, then sneak away, on Piper Street, near East Street. (Facebook)

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