Warning: Teams must carry out emergency repairs to the wastewater pipeline in Guerneville

GUERNEVILLE, Calif. (KRON) – On Friday, Sonoma Water maintenance and operations crews will perform emergency repair work on a sewage line in Guerneville.

Crews will begin around 4:00 p.m. to investigate and assess a ruptured potential backflow mainline in the 16500 block of Route 116 on River Road.

The potentially ruptured pipeline is part of the Russian River County Sanitation District (RRCSD) Collection and Treatment System.

The function of the sewerage collector is to convey wastewater from the Guerneville lift station to the RRCSD purification station.

The RRCSD treats an average of 710,000 gallons of wastewater per day generated by 3,215 Equivalent Single Family Homes in Guerneville and surrounding communities.

Drivers are advised to be careful when driving near the area as heavy equipment, trucks and personnel will be on site.

Traffic controls will also be in place for the safety of workers, pedestrians and drivers.

Courtesy: Sonoma Water

On Thursday, teams were sent to contain and eliminate the spilled wastewater and to stop other discharges near the Guerneville lift station.

A small barrier was built to contain the spill, and a vacuum truck was used to remove the sewage.

A crew with a vacuum truck has been on site throughout Thanksgiving day and night and will be stationed at the scene until the leak is repaired.

Sonoma Water claims that all discharges are fully contained and that there is no danger to the public or

No wastewater was discharged into storm sewers or waterways.

An update will be given once the source of the leak has been identified and a repair plan in place.

Sonoma Water, a report has been filed with the state emergency services office, which will notify other agencies.

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