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Although Judsonia’s Water and Sewer Superintendent Justin Jones did not turn in one of the three September water samples required by the Arkansas Department of Health each month, the safety of the city’s water is not a cause for concern, officials said.

Arkansas Department of Health public information Danyelle McNeill said Judsonia was handing over her samples consistently, but “they missed one of the samples in September.”

“This is the only case of violation in the past five years,” McNeill said. “No penalty was imposed for this violation. The two samples that were taken in September 2021 did not contain any bacteria and indicate that the water is potable.”

Jones said the three water samples per month was standard procedure, but “the samples weren’t taken because we had several water leaks that we were dealing with that week and basically I just forgot to do it “.

“Normally I send them out at the end of the month, but you can do the samples once a week,” Jones said. “I always did the last two weeks of the month. Used to you could do them all at the same time, but they separated them.”

Jones said his department normally gets test results within a week or two. “They send the sample results in a letter,” he said. “And, if you really fail the samples, they’ll call you.

“We haven’t been stopped on any samples since I’ve been here. We’ve had a few questionable ones that had to be resampled, but it turned out to be nothing.”

He called the breach “a unique thing that happened and the first time I had to go through this process so we had to post it [the public notice] in the local newspaper. The notice was published in Thursday’s edition of The Daily Citizen.

Jones said he took the required samples for October and November, “and it’s all safe. We now know the water is definitely not contaminated.

Regarding the water leaks that were due to be fixed in September, Jones said “you never know when it’s going to happen. … Most of the time I try to fix everything live. … J have special fittings that I can actually fix the living water. “

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