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Pune, 26 August 2022: When the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) draws water from Khadakwasla Dam, 35-40% of it leaks until it reaches households. To stop this leak, the municipality decided to install a meter at each tap as part of the uniform water supply system.

132 zones have been created in the city and the installation of meters has been completed in two of them. City Commissioner Vikram Kumar informed that water leaks have been detected due to the installation of meters in these two areas, and the water leakage rate has dropped from 40% to 16%.

Equal distribution of water by technician, water audit, unauthorized tap connection and double tap detection will be easily possible after installing the water meter. The objective is to ensure that one hundred and a half liters of water is available every day. The municipality started the works of the uniform 24 by 7 water supply system in 2018. The works were interrupted due to the pandemic. But this work has gained momentum in recent months, and 400 km of new water channels have been laid in place of the old water channels. According to the city’s tax records, 3.18 lakh water meters will be installed. So far, 35% of the meter installation work has been completed. The Municipal Corporation has claimed that the rest will be completed by June 2023.

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Advantages of AMR meters

Until 2001, every tap in the city had a water meter. As these counters are mechanical, they have many disadvantages. As said meter is also running due to air, even though water was not used, an earlier billing was done. In addition, the water pressure was decreasing. However, the Municipal Corporation has now decided to purchase an AMR meter at a price of Rs 7,500. Anirudh Pavaskar, Chief Engineer of the Water Supply Department, said that since it is an AMR meter full-bore electric, there will be no obstruction in water flow and no effect on water pressure.

The lifespan of these meters is 10 years. All meters will be connected to the main server of the municipality via the GPRS system. He also said that a drip count can be maintained.

Suppose 10,000 liters of water is taken from the Khadakwasla dam – How much water comes from the water canal to the municipal reservoirs, and from there how much goes directly to the house via the pipe connection? The Municipal Corporation will receive all the minutes of this in fifteen minutes. Areas with less water supply and areas with more water supply – everything will be recorded. The water supply department of the municipal corporation will obtain this file. With this, an even distribution of water can be controlled and excess water or wastage of water can be avoided.

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