Winterton in Norfolk has had an ongoing leak for seven weeks

Families living in a seaside village are angry that a burst water pipe has been left to flood the roads for nearly seven weeks.

The leak, in Winterton-on-Sea, was first noticed by resident Colin Jones in late June.

Mr Jones, 55, said: ‘I just can’t believe this has been going on for so long.

“And the gallons and gallons of water that are just wasted are ridiculous.”

A puddle of water on King Street, Winterton-on-Sea. Water was flowing from a broken water pipe on a nearby private road.
– Credit: James Weeds

Mr Jones, who has resided at The Loke in Winterton for 16 years, contacted the local water supplier and found the issue was not yet resolved due to the leak starting on private land.

“I had to sweep the road several times a day and the flies are starting to lay eggs.

“And it really smells.”

Colin Jones standing near a sign "The Loki"

The Loke resident Colin Jones is angry the leak has been running for nearly seven weeks.
– Credit: James Weeds

Mr Jones’ neighbor, James Talbot, owns a second home on The Loke and has also been hit.

Mr Talbot purchased the property before the first foreclosure and said there were a few small wet spots on his living room wall at the time of purchase.

“But we came back and it’s a lot worse,” Mr. Talbot said.

James Talbot.

James Talbot’s living room wall has been wetter since the leak began.
– Credit: James Weeds

“We bought dehumidifiers and opened all the windows to try and dry the house.

“We are told to turn off the faucets when cleaning teeth to protect the environment, yet there are hundreds of gallons of water leaking under my door.”

The leak begins on a private road off King Street and travels all the way down the Loke and ends in the drain outside the Winterton Post Office.

A drain cover.

The drain outside the Winterton Post Office, where the leak ends.
– Credit: James Weeds

A spokesperson for Essex & Suffolk Water said: ‘While this is not our hose to fix and ultimately is not our responsibility, we have offered to support them by doing this work as entrepreneur, if they all agree.

An exterior house wall with water flowing next to it.

Water has been flowing from the leak at Winterton since the end of June.
– Credit: James Weeds

“Alternatively, residents can choose to source from their own supplier. “

Councilor James Bensly said: “I am so disappointed with Essex and Suffolk Water.

“Yes, it’s on a private road, but I think Essex and Suffolk Water could pretty easily fix the leak and then bill the occupants.

“To let it run for so long when water is such a precious resource is sickening.”

With the wet weekend expected, Mr Jones packed sandbags to deal with the flow of water on The Loke. We were unable to contact the owner.

A pot of moisture on the wall.

Wet on Mr. Talbot’s wall. The water from the leak drains directly outside of her living room wall.
– Credit: James Weeds

A puddle of water outside a house.

The stagnant water of the Loke began to become a refuge for flies.
– Credit: James Weeds

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