Yountville sees discolored water as weeks-long water leak on Washington Street is repaired | Local News

A contractor with the state Department of Veterans Affairs repaired a water leak Tuesday in Yountville located on Washington Street between Mulberry Street and Yount Street. This resulted in some discoloration of Yountville’s water on Wednesday as repairs to the damaged water main were completed, according to a city news release.

“After the repair, residents of Yountville may have noticed discoloration in the water,” CalVet assistant administrator Stephanie Weaver said in a statement Wednesday. “This happened while the valves were closed to isolate the damaged section. The change in water pressure disturbs any sediment in the pipe. The discoloration is not harmful. The system is actively drained and the problem should be resolved today.

Yountville Public Works staff maintained that the discolored water is safe for personal use, but encouraged water customers who saw discolored water to run their water at the faucet furthest from the street to drain the water from their pipes.

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The leak was discovered on August 12, according to an August 15 Yountville press release. Public works personnel realized the leak was not part of the city’s water system and worked with CalVet over the next several weeks as the state agency hired a contractor to repair the leak.

Weaver added that no further work on the pipe is needed after Tuesday’s repair. Washington Street will be repaired by a CalVet contractor next week or the week after, Weaver added.

“A large band was installed around the outside of the pipe, above the leak, acting as a sleeve over the main water line,” Weaver wrote. “This process was successful in stopping the leak. Upon further inspection, the repair was deemed permanent and no further work on the pipe is required. In the meantime, the contractor will schedule the repair and restoration work of the road to acceptable standards.”

Weaver noted that the Yountville Veterans Home was untouched during the repair, as it was able to upgrade to an on-campus water tank.

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