Z-Wave Alliance presents SmartStart at CEDIA Expo 2021

Z-Wave is an increasingly popular way to connect products in a smart home environment using a stable and reliable platform.

Showcasing the latest products from its growing range of industrial partners in its CEDIA trade fair 2021 stand, the Z-Wave Alliance showcased a number of solutions across a range of verticals including security, water leakage protection and lighting.

Some of the partners highlighted in the Z-Wave Alliance include Jasco, Yale, Honeywell, and Fibaro.

In addition to the products, the Z-Wave Alliance was promoting its Smart Start platform. The alliance developed this platform to streamline the installation process for professional integrators, and as Mitch Klein, executive director and president of the Z-Wave Alliance explains, the SmartStart platform allows resellers to earn time when setting up smart home systems.

“We’re really excited about SmartStart, it basically ensures that you can scan QR codes. Each individual device on the box, as well as the device itself, will have a unique QR code, ”Klein notes.

“What that means to you, the installer, is that you’re actually using your phone, basically using your camera to take a photo of that QR code. It will be automatically included in the system, as opposed, in the case of several steps to integrate a device with inclusion, perhaps by pressing a button three times, rubbing your head, patting your stomach.

In a white paper available for To download, the Z-Wave Alliance sums up SmartStart by stating: “Z-Wave SmartStart aims to move the tasks related to the inclusion of an end device in a Z-Wave network away from the end device itself, and to a more user-friendly interface. from the gateway.

The alliance adds in the white paper: “Z-Wave SmartStart eliminates the need to initiate the end device to begin inclusion. Inclusion is started automatically on power-up and repeated at dynamic intervals as long as the device is not included in a Z-Wave network … by moving the device authentication process into the manufacturing phase and distribution or in the domain of the service provider, the end user no longer has to do anything other than turn on the devices.

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